Are you sick of the way your room looks and need a change? A bedroom is the most personal space in the house as not only do we spend a majority of our life in there, it is also a reflection of our style and taste. But style constantly evolves- which means there always comes a time when our room needs a little revamp. Decorating can be an expensive task so here are 7 quick, easy and cheap ways of updating your room without having to call in the professional interior designers!

1- De-Clutter

A good storage space can instantly freshen up the room as it transforms it into a tidy space in which a person can move around easily. It even creates more furniture space! Shabby Chic style is bang-on-trend these days and the cute boxes in the picture above is a pretty way of storing your sentimental junk. You can even place them on shelves so its in reach and not forgotten of, or at the edge of your bed, neatly storing in blankets and duvet covers. 

2- Bedding

Whether it is by changing the sheet colour, throwing on decorative and colourful pillows or by adding a cosy throw blanket at the edge of the bed, a good set of linen is a great and easy way of brightening up the room! 

3- Refurbishing

Carrying on with the Shabby Chic theme, distressed furniture is so in these days. Instead of buying an expensive vintage console table, put your DIY gloves on and make your own. All you need is an old furniture piece (preferably wood) and jazz it up by using some white paint and sand paper. For detailed instructions, check out this site on how to achieve the Shabby Chic distressed look!

4- Fairy Lights

This is an absolute favourite of mine. Lighting is very important in a room as it creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Floor lamps and chandeliers are the common options but i just think that fairy/flower lights just add a fun, magical and sort of a romantic feel to the room. Its just a funky idea to make the space look more pretty and glowy!

5- Re-Arranging 

Out of all the ideas, this has got to be the simplest and cheapest way of making over a room! This can be achieved anytime and any day, just try out different variations until you find a look that makes you happy!

6- Feature Wall

Feature walls have been quite popular for a while now. It only requires beautifying one wall and making it the focal piece of the surrounding space. Now, I have two options for this; As shown in the picture above, wallpapers just add a little bit of that extra oomph to the space than your average painted wall. These come in various types for examples; textured fabric, geometric patterns or floral designs, the possibilities are endless! 

Another way of creating a feature wall is by making a frame art collage. Again, inexpensive to make and they are also great conversation starters! This look is easy to achieve as all you need is some old frames and pictures, some nails and a hammer! For a chic 50s' look, I recommend using black and white photos in different shapes and sizes as seen in the picture above. 

7- Contained Chaos

A vanity/dressing table is probably the most important space for a woman. It is a sacred place for our most prized processions i.e. makeup, jewelry, hair products and various other kinds of beautiful junk! BUT we don't necessarily have to store them in ugly containers or keep them hidden in our drawers. Ever thought of using cute, English style teacups for placing your watches in and saucers for rings and earrings? Decorate your special corner with dainty vintage pieces for a more interesting and elegant display. Also, check out this site for some inspiration on how to stylishly store your jewelry.

So, those were my top 7 ideas for a room makeover. I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to easily decorate your bedroom without having to spend a fortune. If you have more ideas, please do share in the comments below as I LOVE reading about new DIY interior design ideas. Now, start decorating!


  1. great post, my room definitely needs a bit of a makeover, you've given me great ideas :)

    Leyla xx

    1. Thankyou so much! Means a lot xx

  2. Lovely ideas :) I will absolutely do a room makeover :)

  3. love this, de-cluttering is the best feeling ever and i definitely need to buy some fairy lights!

    amy x