So, I've tried a fair share of mascaras in my lifetime and I've always never been fully satisfied with any of them. I stumbled upon this mascara a few months back when all the beauty bloggers were raving about it and knew I had to jump on the IT bandwagon. 

They're Real mascara is the first Benefit product I have ever tried and initially, I had my doubts on whether the product was worth the hype or not. The mascara claims to provide length, volume, base-to-tip curl, visibly lifting and long lasting wear. That's a lot asking from a wee little mascara. So, does it do all of those things? Kind of. 

I must say, They're Real mascara immediately elongates the length of my lashes just from its first coating and makes them look a lot more fuller and thicker. Think fluttery eye lashes. I saw instant results as my eyes looked more awake and certainly gave off that fake lash effect whilst still looking natural. The results were so pleasing that I even had people compliment me on how long and curly my lashes were or how pretty and prominent my eyes looked on the day. 

The only negative I hate to have to say is that I do not think this mascara is very long lasting, or at least this was the case for me personally. I feel as though the mascara loses it's 'lift' after a few hours which results to me re-touching and making a clumping mess of my eye half the time from the extra coating or having smudgy spider legs for lashes.  

Despite this however, I still believe that Benefit  have come up with a brilliant mascara. The formula is the perfect consistency without feeling too dry or too wet, and I do think it makes a significant difference to my lashes. Would I repurchase it again? Yes! I think it's totally worth the hype and money, and that's coming from someone who has tried billions of both drugstore and high end mascaras. Kudos Benefit. 

What's your favourite mascara? Let me know in the comments below.


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    1. it's one of my favs after Lo'real's Volume Million Lashes mascara! x

  2. Great review. I really hoped that this mascara was long wearing.

    1. Thankyou! I know, really annoying when one little flaw gets in the way of being a perfect product! I'd still buy it again though :)

  3. I love this mascara, it's one of the only ones I use - it does rub off quite easily though, I agree! Great review xxx
    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Glad im not the only one who thinks that! Thanks x

  4. Nice review, maybe I will buy it :)

  5. This is my favorite mascara. I like how it doesn't come out too wet and thick. I always get compliments on this mascara! Love your blog! Please come visit me too at http://melissygoose.blogspot.com/