Hey Lovelies! 

I've been really digging the concept of contouring and bronzing lately, especially since its summer and everybody seems to have their sun kissed glow on. I figured I should join the herd too and branch out with trying a bronzy makeup look for this season. Albeit, Ive always been a bit wary of using contouring and bronzing products as I already have an olive/medium skin tone, so I wasn't sure how I'd warm up my face with using such dark colours without making myself look like a hot muddy mess. Turns out, you only need a gentle hand and lots of some practice. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sleek (How can you not though?!), it is one of those drugstore brands that could be seen compatible with high-end names such as Nars, as Sleek has produced some of the best drugstore dupes in the beauty market. So for that reason, I've been recently trialling Sleek's Face Form: Contour and Blush Palette kit in the shade medium and maaannnn, I've been missing out. If you're a newbie like me with contouring then you should definitely give this 3-in-1 kit a whirl. 



This. This right here my friends is the ultimate game changer. No, I am not exaggerating. I think the secret potion that Little Mix sing about in their song 'Black Magic' could be about this. Too much of a reach? Fine, sorry. But seriously though, everyone should have this. Even your mother, sister, aunt, grandma, cat, Oprah and the neighbour across the street should have this. 

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair (Synchronised Recovery Complex II) serum is one of those skincare products that shows functionality and efficient results in terms of actually repairing (keyword) your skin. In other words, it does what it claims and you will notice immediate differences, approximately after 2 weeks, if used religiously. The light substance is designed to correct unevenness in the skin-tone, brilliant at quenching dehydration and restoring balance and suppleness to the skin. The star ingredient being Hyaluronic Acid helps to further repair and heal damages such as scars and blemishes. 



Hello Lovelies!

After seeing Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends rave about Clinique's Take The Day Off cleansing balm, without a doubt I needed to get my hands on this purple tub of goodness too. I've been using it for the past month now and rest assured, TTDO has rightfully taken its crown as becoming my holy grail cleanser. 

Since obsessing over Merumaya's cleansing balm (see post here) I knew I needed to try more balm-textured skincare products because of their hydrating benefits. Clinique's TTDO melts like a dream once scooped out of the pot. I guess that could be the only downside about this product as you have to, kind of, scoop the balm from a thick, flat lard-like substance. Description doesn't sound too appealing I know. I prefer using tubes or pumps but it is only a minor issue in my eyes as the pros outweigh the cons. 



Hello Lovelies!

Whether its winter, autumn or summer, I love a dewy makeup look. Not only does it look simple and effortless, a dewy sparkle adds a fresh and rejuvenated feel to the face and I think in these hot humid months, everyone can do with a healthy summer glow! And you don't even have to bruise your wallets to achieve this look, as you only need tiniest amount of light-to-medium coverage liquid foundation or a trusty BB cream, whatever you may please. This makeup trend is truly about keeping things simple by following the "less is more" mantra.