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I've been really digging the concept of contouring and bronzing lately, especially since its summer and everybody seems to have their sun kissed glow on. I figured I should join the herd too and branch out with trying a bronzy makeup look for this season. Albeit, Ive always been a bit wary of using contouring and bronzing products as I already have an olive/medium skin tone, so I wasn't sure how I'd warm up my face with using such dark colours without making myself look like a hot muddy mess. Turns out, you only need a gentle hand and lots of some practice. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sleek (How can you not though?!), it is one of those drugstore brands that could be seen compatible with high-end names such as Nars, as Sleek has produced some of the best drugstore dupes in the beauty market. So for that reason, I've been recently trialling Sleek's Face Form: Contour and Blush Palette kit in the shade medium and maaannnn, I've been missing out. If you're a newbie like me with contouring then you should definitely give this 3-in-1 kit a whirl. 

Face Form palette comes in four different shades; light, fair, medium and dark. The two lighter shades include a bronzer, highlighter and a peachy pink blush whereas the two darker ones in the collection contain a bronzer, contour and a beautiful shimmery gold highlighter. The contour is a really matte dark brown powder which, fear not, is perfectly fine to use as you only need the tiniest amount to apply with a light hand. I think this kit would also be particularly great for WOC with deep dark skin tones as the highlighter shade would be the perfect compliment against their complexions. All three components are definitely build-able so you have the option to go for a day-time bronzed look and then opt for a dramatic "strobe" like highlighted effect at night with accentuated Kim Kardashian chiselled cheekbones. Who doesn't want a bit of Kim K glam? Pshhtt. 

As I'm still a beginner, I like to mix the contour and bronzer and sculpt my cheekbones by lightly brushing the product across hollow area just beneath my cheeks. I haven't yet mastered contouring on the side of my forehead and don't feel like its necessary to do it on my nose either - On a side note guys, how annoying is it when you have to blow your nose and the 50 layers of makeup you applied rubs off?As for highlighting, I lightly sweep my brush just at the top of my cheekbones where the sun hits the most and the area beneath my eyebrow. I absolutely love doing this because highlighting adds such a radiance to my face, balancing out the contouring and making things look a tad brighter. 

Its basically just playing with the palette and using the right application technique to get the hang of the whole contouring business. Once you achieve this, contouring could potentially be your new best friend. The dimensions that even the most subtlest contouring can add to your face is just amazing. It's all about emphasising certain areas and features of your face and making them look more prominent and beautiful. All in all, I'm totally down with Sleek's snazzy makeup palette.

Have you ever experimented with contouring? If so, what are some of your favourite contour and bronzing makeup products? 


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