Hello Lovelies!

Whether its winter, autumn or summer, I love a dewy makeup look. Not only does it look simple and effortless, a dewy sparkle adds a fresh and rejuvenated feel to the face and I think in these hot humid months, everyone can do with a healthy summer glow! And you don't even have to bruise your wallets to achieve this look, as you only need tiniest amount of light-to-medium coverage liquid foundation or a trusty BB cream, whatever you may please. This makeup trend is truly about keeping things simple by following the "less is more" mantra. 

As seen in the picture ensemble above, I've been really digging thick bold eyebrows, sun-kissed bronze cheeks and lots and lots of highlighter (Just don't make yourself look like a total Christmas glitter ball!). Plus, thanks to the 'Kylie Jenner Effect' hitting waves across the globe, the peachy nude/mauve lipstick trend has got to be one of my favourite makeup fads so far this year. I think with shimmery brown eyelids, thick groomed brows and subtly tinted cheeks, a creamy matte lipstick like MAC's Mehr or Velvet Teddy really helps to complete this go-to make up look off beautifully. It's a simple versatile look that anyone can achieve to look fresh, glowy and vibrant.  So, go ahead and try it! 


  1. Highlights are perfect for summer. I keep using it with some bronzer :)


  2. Dewy make up is something I love on other people but sometime I have yet to master for myself!

    xx Chelsea