At some point by now, you have been emailed your class schedules, moved into the student halls, went to a few freshers' parties or stocked up on your new stationary supplies. Many of you may be starting (or already started) your first year of University whilst for some of us, its back to the ole' grind of daily coffee runs (or tea- I don't descriminate) and early morning classes where the professors yap on about some German bloke whose theory brought revolutionary changes within the field of cultural studies or suttin'. It was 8 AM. I wasn't listening. 

Lets be real though, University can be quite a daunting experience. Its a period in your life where you go through the roller coaster of happy, sad and somewhere-in-the-middle type of emotions, shitloads of adult responsibilities that makes you all squeamish and the pressure of completing a sea of assignments which frankly, most days forces you to drown in the feeling of despair and snotty Kleenex tissues. 



Nude lipsticks are tricky. Especially for medium/tan/indian skin tones. Despite the large variety on the shelves, you need to be extra picky in finding the right shade as it can go two ways; either you end up donning the frosty look (ahh the teenage days) or find a shade thats way too peach or way too brown for your complexion. I could never find the perfect blend that would bring life into my face whilst still looking natural. I always ended up finding lipsticks that made me look too ashy or just way too pink, so it just defeated the purpose of buying a "nude" shade. The struggle was that whilst some nudes looked warm-toned on others, it would come off as more cool-toned on me, and vice versa.

But then I found this.