Nude lipsticks are tricky. Especially for medium/tan/indian skin tones. Despite the large variety on the shelves, you need to be extra picky in finding the right shade as it can go two ways; either you end up donning the frosty look (ahh the teenage days) or find a shade thats way too peach or way too brown for your complexion. I could never find the perfect blend that would bring life into my face whilst still looking natural. I always ended up finding lipsticks that made me look too ashy or just way too pink, so it just defeated the purpose of buying a "nude" shade. The struggle was that whilst some nudes looked warm-toned on others, it would come off as more cool-toned on me, and vice versa.

But then I found this.

Lo and behold, MAC's Mehr lipstick is that perfect "my lips but better" nude lipstick that I've been on the hunt for, for ages. Fun fact- this is also my first ever MAC lipstick too (gasp). Excitement was an understatement when I discarded the gorgeous tube from its tres chic noir packaging. I think what really drew me in about this lipstick was its matte texture. Unlike most mattes though, Mehr still glides on the lips smoothly. Though, I would still recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips prior to application as the opaque matte finish means more attention will be drawn to your lips. 

Mehr is described as a dirty blue pink colour, but I would say it appears as quite a 90's mauve shade against my skin. One swipe of this stuff straight from the bullet is sufficient enough but the colour is definitely build-able. It also has a lovely vanilla fragrance which I'm a total sucker for as I bloody love vanilla scents! More importantly though is Mehr's lasting power. I haven't tried other MAC lipsticks before but I would definitely say this lasts for about a good 5 hours even whilst you eat and drink throughout that period. 

Its a brilliant lip stain and to add extra emphasis to really go for the whole "Kylie Jenner" look, I love to colour in with a brown or a dusty pink lip liner, both before and after applying Mehr lipstick. It may sound odd to apply lip liner after the lipstick but I just feel this step makes my lips look plumper and really exaggerates the dark, 90s nude lipstick trend. All in all, I'm obsessed. This is definitely the start of a beautiful (and expensive!) beginning of having my very own MAC lipstick collection. I am completely sold on the novelty that comes with the MAC brand as the quality is top notch and in another league compared to drugstore lipsticks. 

Have you ever tried MAC's Mehr lipstick? What other shades do you recommend that I should try out? 


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