I recently discovered CHEEKY's Chat Me Up nail paint collection and not gonna lie, I did get pretty excited. CHEEKY is the sister brand of Cowshed which is more popularly known for its skincare products. Their brand line features almost every colour under the sun; from pastel pinks and duck greys to bold shades like midnight blue and plumpish purples. As it is finally A/W season, I opted for trying out their burgundy and emerald green shade. I'm currently building up my nail polish collection and noticed that I lacked these kind of colours so I immediately knew I had to add these shades in my stash. 

Here's what I think of them:

If I could wear one colour throughout autumn and the upcoming winter season, this would be it. Around this time of year, things just start to get a little darker, more jewel-toned and grungier in my wardrobe. I've always been a fan of sporting burgundy and oxblood red colours in these fall months as a result. So naturally, the transition in my clothes also makes it way onto my makeup and the nail lacquer department.

Cherry Nice is a beautiful bold cherry red (duh) colour with a lovely opaque glossy finish. I found that one coat of this stuff is enough to evenly paint my nails but of course, the universal rule of thumb is to always apply two coats. I find that this not only builts up the intensity of the colour but also  'glosses' up my nails- adding a more slick polished finish. 
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the quirky name of this nail paint? Moss Behaving (It's sad how funny I actually find this word play) is a stunning deep moss green shade. The wide thick brush makes the application of this paint super smooth and easy with a high-shine finish. Initially, I found this green a bit of an odd shade against my skin tone but I figure it looks best in the evenings as it compliments well with dark clothes. I would definitely recommend trying it out in the store first though as the unusual colour may not appeal to everyone. 

Theres not much you can really say about nail polishes other than the fact that CHEEKY ticks all the standard requirements that one looks for in varnishes. It dries up pretty quickly, doesn't chip off immediately and I also found the quality of both the paint and the brush quite top notch. All in all, CHEEKY is definitely a brand worth checking out if you're a nail polish fanatic. Funnily enough, I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm not one of those people who switches nail polishes everyday or gets fresh manicures once week. But I know enough to distinguish between a good product when I see one. Having said that, with what I've tried so far, in my opinion CHEEKY has definitely nailed it! (excuse the horribly overused pun). 

What are your favourite colours to wear in Autumn? 


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