Recently went to the Sisters Beauty Lounge to get a much needed facial treatment done. Although I am very religious with my skincare routine, I still tend to get quite lazy (and oftentimes skint!) when its comes to getting regular professional facials and spa services. Having said that, my skin was in a right state and desperately needed some TLC. After reading a couple of reviews online I decided to book my very first appointment at Sisters Beauty Lounge salon. They have quite a few branches around Dubai but I chose the nearest one in Mirdif. 



So, Ive never been much of a primer girl. Personally, I've always seen primers as like that forgotten step in your makeup routine where you should be using but don't really see the point in doing so. Ahh this where we're wrong my fellow non-primer using friends. My brother recently got engaged and I was left to doing my own makeup (it turned out rather nice tbh) instead of booking an appointment with a professional makeup artist. I always notice that primers are the talk of the town amongst people when getting ready for special events and occasions and I realised that I never actually owned one. Hmm. Long story short, I came across Rimmel's Lasting Finish Primer and I can totally see why makeup buffs are so enthusiastic about them.




                                                                   I have been eyeing this foundation since it first hit the makeup counters years ago. It seemed as though every blogger, Youtuber or celebrity was talking about how amazing the NARS Sheer Glow foundation is. Although, I have always been a little reluctant when trying out new foundations and give them a reasonable amount of time to try out before I make up my mind on whether or not it's worth the purchase. 

You see, having a medium-olive skin tone, a lot of the times it's quite difficult to find the right shade or you end up being matched wrong by the make up artists selling the product. However, when I first checked out the NARS counter, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety in colour shades which I felt were more predominantly geared towards darker- tan- dusky skin tones. Even the way each shade is categorised according to pink or yellow undertones is particularly useful for makeup beginners in identifying what shade suits their complexion best.