So, Ive never been much of a primer girl. Personally, I've always seen primers as like that forgotten step in your makeup routine where you should be using but don't really see the point in doing so. Ahh this where we're wrong my fellow non-primer using friends. My brother recently got engaged and I was left to doing my own makeup (it turned out rather nice tbh) instead of booking an appointment with a professional makeup artist. I always notice that primers are the talk of the town amongst people when getting ready for special events and occasions and I realised that I never actually owned one. Hmm. Long story short, I came across Rimmel's Lasting Finish Primer and I can totally see why makeup buffs are so enthusiastic about them.

Now, I don't believe this has in any way revolutionised my make up application process but it definitely does help to keep my face looking a tad bit smoother prior to applying my base. Does it prolong the wear? No. But it does add an extra bit of hydration which is of course a plus point for dry skins. It has quite a thick and creamy texture which leaves a very very slight tackiness to the face. Nothing too greasy feeling though. I allow it to sink in my face for about a minute or so before getting on with the rest of my makeup routine. The one thing I really love though is that it really helps to blur out the obvious pores (don't expect it to be a miracle worker!) or any dry patches that my foundation would likely to cling to as the day progresses. It just really feels like a second layer of moisturiser. Which brings me to the point that I would not recommend this primer for oilier-to-combination skin types as I did notice that it doesn't exactly have a strong 'mattifying' power. I would say it kept my makeup in place for roughly about 5-7 (if you're lucky) hours until I started noticing a bit of a shine peeking through on my T-zone area. So I cannot rate the longevity claim about the primer as it definitely did not help to prolong the wear of my foundation, nor did it function as an shine-controlling product. 

But I think for a person who is after an introduction to all-thing primers, Lasting Finish would be a good place to start. Thankfully, the primer did not break me out (touch wood) which is usually one of my top concerns when trying out new products. I think this would be best suited for dry skin ladies who are after a primer that not only creates a smoother canvas, but also incorporates an extra hydration boost for the skin. I do see myself branching out to more high end primers like MAC's Prep + Prime now that I've had a taste of what their purpose is! 

What are some of your favourite primers? I'd love to hear you suggestions!


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