Recently went to the Sisters Beauty Lounge to get a much needed facial treatment done. Although I am very religious with my skincare routine, I still tend to get quite lazy (and oftentimes skint!) when its comes to getting regular professional facials and spa services. Having said that, my skin was in a right state and desperately needed some TLC. After reading a couple of reviews online I decided to book my very first appointment at Sisters Beauty Lounge salon. They have quite a few branches around Dubai but I chose the nearest one in Mirdif. 

My initial impression was how freaking white the place was! A bit of an odd observation but I feel that having the right layout and ambience really sets the mood for the perfect customer experience and Sisters definitely nailed that aspect as soon as you step a foot inside their store. The chic artwork  on the walls and crisp minimalistic interior really helped to create a calming and professional atmosphere. The ladies at the reception were super friendly too and were quick to assist you with any queries and refreshments. Not going to lie however, this was my first time taking blog photos in public so it was a bit of a funny experience with flashing my camera around whilst dealing with weird looks by strangers. The staff were very kind enough to allow me to take cheeky photos though! I was then greeted by the lovely facialist Marina who took me down to the massage and facial room to get things started! 

The main reason why I chose Sisters Beauty Lounge was because of the advanced products they used in their facial treatments. Asides from Dermalogica, I was thrilled to find out that they also used The Organic Pharmacy products. Now, if you follow Caroline Hirons or are a downright complete skincare obsessive like me, you must have heard the wonderful things about the Organic Pharmacy brand. All their products are free from nasties and full of herbal and organic goodness that will only make your skin sing praises of thank yous and more please. Ever since my dreaded acne phase, Ive become super conscious with what I slather on my face so to find out about the availability of The Organic Pharmacy facial treatments at Sisters Beauty Lounge, I immediately felt right at ease.  

After a skin consultation with Marina, I opted for getting the Purifying Urban Facial which is a 40-55 minute deep cleansing facial that get rids of excess oils and toxins, clogged pores and helps nourish and brighten dull complexion. It involves extraction which is basically the part where its difficult to lie down still without slithering underneath and making awkward squeamish noises. Luckily however, Marina helped to make the experience more tolerable with her patience and expertise (you go girl!)

Unlike other facials I've had in the past, I walked out of the salon without getting any under the surface bumps, redness or a stinging sensation by the blackhead removal. My face genuinely looked more radiant straight afterwards  Albeit, Marina did make a disclaimer in the beginning that when you have super blemished skin, you need more than one treatment session to get the high level results but for a 45 minute facial, I was seriously impressed. My skin felt a lot softer, smoother and well hydrated so it was definitely well worth the price. I cannot wait for my next facial treatment and could not recommend anyone more than Marina if you're ever at the Mirdif Sisters Beauty Lounge branch! The following list are the various Organic Pharmacy products and procedures used on my face during the facial and I thoroughly recommend every single one:

Carrot Butter balm cleanser

Flower Petal deep cleansing and exfoliating mask 

Facial Steam and Extraction procedure

Herbal revitalising toner

Seaweed Clay clarifying mask 

Honey and Jasmine moisturising and nourishing mask 

Herbal revitalising toner used again 

Antioxidant face gel 

Manuka moisturising face cream 

Jasmine Night Conditioning spritz spray 

What are some of your favourite brands or products to use for facial treatments?
Let me know in the comments below!


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