I was recently approached by the wonderful people from the Vaniday app service and I immediately  jumped on board with intrigue when hearing about their new beauty app. Now, we all know how much of a pain it is to book appointments or finding the right salon which you can trust and become a faithful customer of. I've had my fair share of awkward moments and disastrous experiences at salons because either they don't know how to provide the quality treatment that every client looks for or my impressions have been poor given the state of service or price. Hence, I'm always on the look out for new salons with the best reviews in lifestyle magazines or hearing about it from my girlfriends. But often is the case where no matter how much a place is boasted for in the first place, it all boils down to your own experience and judgement. 

This is where Vaniday comes in. This free downloadable app enables you to have full control over your selection of salon and booking. This little gem is pretty handy especially if you're on the lookout for salons nearby to where you live as it provides an updated list of all the beauty parlours located near you, along with the list of services available in each place. I've noticed that in Dubai, most of the times you have to go to the salon to pick up a brochure to see their prices and offerings or having to call them directly. I found it so useful that Vaniday already had all the necessary information you could need posted on both their website and app. From location maps, contact details to even available booking dates in case you decide to change your appointment to a time thats more suited best for you. 

Not only that, Vaniday also allows you to pay online so you don't have to worry about any money business whilst you're at the salon enjoying your mani-pedi treatment! So to test this out, Vaniday kindly offered me a budget of 150 DHS* to spend on any salon and service of my choice. Say whaaaat?! I felt so happy and overwhelmed with the number of options I had with what I could do with Vaniday's amazing voucher. I decided to try out Pastels salon (Jumeirah branch) after previously reading a couple of positive review about it online. The booking process was incredibly easy given how I'm the least tech-savvy person. The team at Vaniday are also super kind and helpful in instructing you if theres a problem or something you don't quite understand. I was initially a bit iffy at first about having to provide my credit card details but rest assured- its a necessary procedure and all your private information will remain secure and protected! 
I decided to book myself for a lycon wax and eyebrow threading service and my mother opted for getting Guinot's Aromatic Holistic facial treatment (here is a review on it by Niomi Smart). Also, I'd like to point out that Vaniday is always offering special vouchers and discounts on their website so thats definitely an extra advantage from booking via their app. Once you book your timing and payment method (choice between paying online or at counter) your information is immediately stored under "My Appointments",  showcasing in an organised fashion you time, date and choice of service like a little reminder note. Cute. 

Arriving at Pastels, the receptionist already knew what me and my mum were booked for so they took us directly up to our rooms. My initial impression was how quaint and friendly the atmosphere was at the salon. It was kind of upscale but had a total cosy feel to it with the smiling staff and customers chatting away with one another. The lovely girl there called Aislin took my mother up to the facial room to get her treatment started. My mum walked out looking incredibly radiant, relaxed and throughly impressed by the Guinot facial. From what she recalls, Aislin used a variety of hydrating and delicious smelling products (which is always a plus) and the mini head and shoulder massage was the perfect cherry on top. My mother has sensitive skin and a tough cookie to impress so I was glad that she thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Pastels. 
As for me, my unruly eyebrows needed some serious fleeking. Its safe to say I walked out of Pastels with one of the best threading experiences in my life. I usually squirm and wiggle around a lot when getting my brows threaded (bc pain) but the women doing it this time was so incredibly gentle and even complimented my eyebrow shape! Flattery is the way to my heart. Also, unlike previous experiences, the eyebrow lady advised me on different ways of taking care of my eyebrows and those pesky odd brow patches as I have the terrible tendency of over plucking my brows. It was nice that this time my eyebrows got some tlc for a change. 
All in all, Vaniday and Pastels did my good! I am so grateful that Vaniday gave me the opportunity to try out their app service and the much-needed pampering treatment at Pastels beauty salon. I defo rate them both if you're looking for a nifty new app or a well-hyped salon to get you looking fab during this festive season.
Tell me about your best and worst experiences at salons!

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