Let me just get it out there. I bloody love interior decorating. I love homeware shopping, pinteresting Scandinavian and shabby chic aesthetics and more recently, I discovered an affordable place that caters to all my 'interior design wannabe' needs. H&M Homeware. Where has this place been all my life?

After seeing tons of bloggers and youtubers sharing their love for the rose gold and marble plate fetish (I ain't judging), I felt the strong urge to hop on this bandwagon too and maannnnn, did I happily do so. I feel like the minimalistic, scandi-inspired design trend this year is so on point. Its so easy to incorporate in any space, making it look lighter, brighter and less suffocating. The above pictures are just some of the little trinkets I bought to slowly create a classic, white chic cliche blogger's bedroom:

- Green ceramic vase
- Round rose gold hanging mirror 
- Dark grey geometric cotton rug 
- Copper tray plate 
- Ceramic marble tray and cutting board 
- Rose gold and golden unscented candles 
- 'Have a Nice Day' and 'Be You' kitchen sponge cloth 

I can't wait to start using these things as props for my blogging photos. Also, although the black and white graphic sponges are meant to be used as kitchen cloths, I decided to place one of them in an Ikea picture frame and I think it turned out rather nice as a bit of a wall artwork, non? I then decided to use the 'Be You' sponge as sort of a glass coaster-matt-thing for when I want to place a drink on my bedside table without staining the surface. Ya'll don't know how clumsy I am. 

If any of you are looking for affordable homeware stores, I thoroughly recommend H&M's Home section. I know I poke fun sometimes at cliche blogger habits and despite H&M and most of the things I purchased reflect that, I honestly don't care as it is okay to follow the fad  sometimes. As my mother always says, if you like it, go for it! Also, I would suggest waiting and keeping a look out for H&M's seasonal sales as most of these things were on half-price when I bought them. For example, the original price for the marble tray was 48dhs (£8) but I got it for 10dhs (£l) during the sale period. It is honestly such good value for money and a totally inexpsenive way of updating your personal living space.

What are some of your favourite interior design trends at the moment? Also, If you're guilty of owning a marble tray say Ayyee.


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