Recently, I was very thoughtfully given a LUSH Gift Box by my sister in law. I was beyond over the moon when I received the surprise package as I've always been a massive fan of LUSH but never really indulged myself in buying too much of their products, especially in this past year. Before I get into whats inside the box, can we just please take a minute to appreciate the gorgeous packaging? I'm a sucker for cute festive wrappings and boxes. Because of this, I debated for a good few over whether or not I should wait to see the contents inside the box so I can take blogpost photos. That thought only lasted for a couple of seconds though as I could not contain my excitement to see the goodies inside! 

I'm not usually a huge bath & body type of girl where I spend a lot of time and $$$ on buying the most luxe products as I would for face care, but LUSH has always been a go-to place for bath essentials. And boy, do they know how to make their ingredients and scents just right! Once I removed the box lid, my room started smelling a lot like the LUSH store and I definitely was not complaining. You're immediately greeted with such beautifully fresh, minty and sweet scents which made me think that if heaven had a smell, this would literally be it. 

The gift box features:

Baked Alaska Soap 
Snowman FUN 
First Snow Dusting Powder 
Snowman Shower Jelly
Frozen Bath Bomb
Christingle Body Conditioner

I cannot wait to try out all the products and see how well I get on with them. From my immediate impressions though, I can tell that I will be getting a lot of use out of all of them. I have also already tried out the Christingle Body Conditioner and I absolutely adore it. Smells heavenly, great for moisturising skin without leaving a greasy feeling and did I mention how amazing it smells? It leaves a nice peppermint, tingly feeling when the cold air or water hits the skin; perfect for waking your mind body and soul in the dreary mornings. Even though LUSH gift boxes are usually considered as a Christmassy thing to get, I think anybody who is new to the brand or simply into body care, Snow Time would make a lovely present. All the products are fantastic for the winter time where you just want to pamper yourself in the evenings, whilst belting out the Let it Go theme song as the Frozen-inspired bath bomb does its magic! Have you tried any of the LUSH gift boxes? Let me know your favourites in the comment box below. 

PS. I hope you all enter the New Years with tons of blessings, success, happiness and good fortune! 


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