As the title suggests, I've been reaching for Una Brennan's Superfacialist masks quite a lot recently given the change in weather and my temperamental hormones. Face masks are one thing in my skincare routine that I tend to get a little lazy with. Some say you should apply a mask once or twice a week to get rid of all the grease and grime off your face, all the while hydrating your skin and restoring its balance. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered two drugstore masks which could do all of the above, in a fraction of a price compared to a lot of the high-end face masks out there on the shelves. 

My top two selections are the Anti-Blemish Pore Purifying Clay mask and the Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture mask. I am not going to go into a long winded review about them other than saying that they are both fabulous products that show instant results on your face. The purifying clay mask is one that I reach for when my skin is having a little breakout tantrum and I feel that the Salicylic acid really helps to pipe down those buggers. You know those under the surface spots that are just about to peek out and make their unwanted mark on your face? I found this mask really helpful in stopping any further appearances of new zits or blemishes which is great for someone with spot-prone skin! Along with the salicylic acid, this clay mask also contains properties of Niacin (Vitamin B3), Dead Sea mud, Avocado oil and Acacia Honey. With these ingredients combined together, my skin feels restored and free from any toxins or excess oils after using this. Of course, I would recommend applying a good moisturiser afterwards because the clay and salicylic acid essentially detoxify and unclog congested skin so you do tend to get just a tad bit dry afterwards. But in no way does it completely strip the skin off from essential oils or makes it feel tighter and lacklustre. Its just a good all-rounder when you need something thats low maintenance and does the job well. 

The rose hydrating face mask is the one I reach for the most out of the two, especially during the winter time. As rose is generally very soothing and calming, I particularly like using this when my skin needs a 'luxe' type of facial treatment. It claims to "boost skin moisture levels and radiance" which I can totally vouch for. It definitely helps with refining my skin texture; making it feel softer, smoother and much more radiant and curing those dry patches. It contains Vitamin E, White Willow and Marshmallow extracts which makes it super nourishing, hydrating and perfect for any skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. The consistency of the mask feels a lot like applying a moisturiser or a milk cleanser and my face always end up looking more plump and fresh after use. Because of this, I love reaching for this mask as a pre-party skincare prep as it gives off such a replenished look, as well as making my foundation sit better. 

Both masks are honestly such great quick fixes for bad skin days. The back description says that they make you "feel like you have had an expert facial everyday" which is totally true. Of course, I wouldn't rule out getting professional facials done once every two-three months, but these masks are brilliant given their affordable price and how effective they both are. As a result, I've been applying face masks a lot more now and can definitely see myself repurchasing and exploring more products from the Superfacialist Una Brennan range. Definitely worth checking them out if you're looking for a mask thats a total bang for your buck! 

Have you ever tried anything from the Una Brennan line? Leave me some recommendations! 


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