September has been a whirlwind sort of month for me. Weddings, dinners, parties, appointments. For a person who complained about the lack of excitement in their life, this month completely threw me off guard with just how busy my days have started to become. Not complaining though as I've had a grand time in these past few weeks. Though my skin doesn't seem all that happy with my suddenly-eventful life.



If there is a single product that I've reached out for the most this summer, it has got to be Caudalie's Grape Water facial mist spray. No lie, I am probably on my seventh bottle of this stuff. Made with 100% organic grapes, it is a super refreshing spritz toner that aims to moisturise as well as soothe sensitive skin. If my face ever feels itchy or red, I reach for this. If I've stepped out from a long flight or journey, I reach for this. If my skin is irritated from a product or from waxing/threading, I reach for this. You get the gist. I always like to carry this everywhere I go in my handbag because the cold sensation of the grapewater immediately cools down my hot and flustered skin or if my makeup just needs an instant 'wake me up' boost. 



Highlighting is my favourite step when it comes to doing my makeup routine because I find that it really helps to complete the look together by adding a bit of an extra oomph. Nothing makes me feel as confident as I do when stepping outside of the house with sheeny radiant cheekbones and a glowy, healthy-looking face. Based on this reason, The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer knows how to deliver! Just a caution though- a little goes a long way with this Mary Lou highlight. With using a fan brush, you can create the most subtle glow with a single swipe, or if you feel a bit more daring by opting for a full on strobing effect, just pack on a little more of this buttery, finely-milled powder onto the brush and dust it across the high points of your cheeks and brow bones. I also like using this in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten the area up. 



Last week, I did some splurging to blow off stress from university work load and I definitely do not feel an ounce bit of regret in my system. On the contrary, I am now a proud owner of the cult classic lipstick Ruby Woo. In case you've been living under a rock and not heard every blogger on the block brag about this iconic MAC product, let me tell you in short description: this lipstick is a showstopper. Suits every skin tone- from fair to medium and darker complexions, anyone can literally pull off this lipstick. I always have a hard time finding the right shade of red but this colour suited me perfectly. It has sort of a bright vibrancy to it that really makes you look fresh, awake and gives off a "I'm ready to take on the world" kind of vibe. Its more of a cool-toned lipstick with not a hint of glitter or a pearly sheen, instead it leaves a gorgeous velvety finish to your pout.



LUSH has definitely been a stand out brand that I've been really loving so far this year. Having never properly tried their products in the past before, I've been trying to experiment with a couple of their skincare products recently and based on the results, my skin seems to be really liking it so far. Two of my favourite products worth trying is the Tea Tree Toner Water and BB Seaweed Face Mask. Heres my edit on what I think of them:



As my knowledge about makeup slowly keeps expanding, so does my collection for tools and brushes. Three years ago I never thought I would need, like, five different makeup brushes to slap my makeup on with every morning. Does it make a remarkable difference? I like to think so, yes. However, at the start of this year, I decided to branch out and take things to another level with testing out the fuss behind makeup sponges, or beauty blenders as they're more popularly called. 



First beauty post of 2016! And I'm kicking it off with probably the most talked about facial toner in the blogging community. We've all heard about the difference between the two kinds of toners; there is the hydrating one that is usually geared toward gentle cleansing and hydration, then there are the acid toners which are designed to decongest problematic skin and exfoliate dead skin cells without the use of harsh beads or grains that you'd typically find in face wash exfoliants (I'm looking at you Neutrogena). I've only ever used the bog standard moisturising toners in the past so I was a bit wary of how strong or concentrated Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner would be and whether or not my sensitive skin would react well to the active AHA ingredients. Nonetheless, I still took the plunge and have been using this toner for roughly about 2 months now, so I have formed a solid opinion on what I think of it. 



Apologies for two things; 1) Getting you to sing the blog post title in Adele's voice. I just couldn't resist, soz. 2) Neglecting this blog for nearly a whole freaking month. There goes my plan of updating every week in 2016 out the window. This is exactly why I hate having new years resolutions. I can never properly commit to them. 

Anyway, January was a crazy busy month for me. Being away from home travelling abroad and then coming back to the mayhem of daily life and university workload made me seriously think about my priorities, and unfortunately blogging was shoved right at the bottom of my list. I always said to myself before starting this that I would only ever blog when I truly felt like it and January simply did not allow me the time to feel the same level of passion and enjoyment as I normally would when sitting down in front of the laptop or taking blogpost photos.