Apologies for two things; 1) Getting you to sing the blog post title in Adele's voice. I just couldn't resist, soz. 2) Neglecting this blog for nearly a whole freaking month. There goes my plan of updating every week in 2016 out the window. This is exactly why I hate having new years resolutions. I can never properly commit to them. 

Anyway, January was a crazy busy month for me. Being away from home travelling abroad and then coming back to the mayhem of daily life and university workload made me seriously think about my priorities, and unfortunately blogging was shoved right at the bottom of my list. I always said to myself before starting this that I would only ever blog when I truly felt like it and January simply did not allow me the time to feel the same level of passion and enjoyment as I normally would when sitting down in front of the laptop or taking blogpost photos. 

But now that things have settled down a bit (I literally submitted my first dissertation draft yesterday!) I can finally go back to regularly updating this little space again. I'm back at university too now so I have a sense of structure and routine restored in my life instead of wasting my days doing nothing- which was literally the case during most of December. Despite my time away however, for all of those who still stuck around in my followers list and occasionally popped by to see my posts, thank you. Expect some new content in February 'cos I got tons of things to rave and rant about in 2016! 



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