LUSH has definitely been a stand out brand that I've been really loving so far this year. Having never properly tried their products in the past before, I've been trying to experiment with a couple of their skincare products recently and based on the results, my skin seems to be really liking it so far. Two of my favourite products worth trying is the Tea Tree Toner Water and BB Seaweed Face Mask. Heres my edit on what I think of them:

Asides from the hype about bath bombs, I've always been interested in checking out LUSH face masks since reading so many reviews by people with sensitive skin type saying how good they are. However, I've been a little reluctant in thinking that perhaps they wouldn't make a significant difference to my tempermental skin. I was wrong. BB Seaweed mask is goooood stuff. Providing gentle exfoliation, this fresh face mask helps to revive my dull skin after a tiring week. It effectively removes dead skin cells and dry patches, making my makeup sit on a lot nicer. As cliche as it sounds, my face feels incredibly soft as a baby's bum after using this as its so good with clarifying my skin from dirt or blackheads, thus revealing a new layer of clearer skin. 

BB Seaweed clay mask contains key ingredients like kaolin. aloe vera, honey, ground almonds, lime tree flowers and rose petals to form the perfect blend of moisturising and soothing elements to help nourish, improve and tone lacklustre skin. Just a warning though- the consistency does feel a bit like applying oatmeal to your face so things do tend to get a little messy during application! Nonetheless, I still love the mild exfoliation the finely grounded almonds, seaweed and other natural ingredients provide for thoroughly cleansing the skin. Also, its worth noting that this mask does have a subtle fragrance of a rose-herbal-y kind of scent but it is not at all over-powering. I actually find it quite pleasant and relaxing. 

With thicker masks like BB Seaweed, I find it easier to dampen the face with water before applying it on as the chunky seaweed bits can make it a little difficult to massage the mask into the skin. I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes (until I literally find it hard to crack a smile) and then wipe it off with either a damp flannel or simply washing it off with water. Manual exfoliation can be a little abrasive for some people but this does not cause any redness or irritation afterwards. On the contrary, my skin looks more radiant, even-toned and smoother than before. 

I have been using LUSH Tea Tree Water toner for about 4 weeks now both AM and PM after my acid toning step with Clarins Exfoliating Brightening toner (review here). It is alcohol free, contains tea tree which is a brilliant antibacterial remedy for troubled skin, Grapefruit water for inducing rich vitamins and Juniper berry water as an antiseptic for helping to keep skin clear from pimples and blemishes. It has quite a strong medicinal sort of smell which at first I wasn't a huge fan of. I guess I'm just used to it now. My face does not feel oily or greasy after using this, but rather it feels nice and prepped for applying moisturiser and makeup. The concentration of ingredients is very low so it is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin types. 

In all honestly, I think its a great product for refreshing your skin through out the day as the tea tree provides a lovely cooling sensation with each spritz. But I do have to say that I just don't think it has made a drastic difference to my skin. Don't get me wrong, I do really like it especially during times of crazy hormonal breakouts, but it hasn't really prevented pimples from still making their unwelcome appearance nor has it stopped my T-Zone from getting oily as the day passes. Perhaps its helped to balance the levels out a bit but I personally cannot tell. Maybe its more obvious for those with oilier skin types? 

But for the reasonable price tag and antiseptic natural ingredients, I do believe its a nice addition to have in your skincare routine as an extra hydrating facial toner step or to switch up from regular acid toners. My skin texture does feel softer and healthier after using this and I think I will definitely be addicted to this more so during the hot summer months where my skin will be begging for a cooling and calming spray like this one! I rate it 8/10. 

Have you tried any of these products? Or have any recommendations for other face masks to try from LUSH? Help a sister out! 


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