Last week, I did some splurging to blow off stress from university work load and I definitely do not feel an ounce bit of regret in my system. On the contrary, I am now a proud owner of the cult classic lipstick Ruby Woo. In case you've been living under a rock and not heard every blogger on the block brag about this iconic MAC product, let me tell you in short description: this lipstick is a showstopper. Suits every skin tone- from fair to medium and darker complexions, anyone can literally pull off this lipstick. I always have a hard time finding the right shade of red but this colour suited me perfectly. It has sort of a bright vibrancy to it that really makes you look fresh, awake and gives off a "I'm ready to take on the world" kind of vibe. Its more of a cool-toned lipstick with not a hint of glitter or a pearly sheen, instead it leaves a gorgeous velvety finish to your pout.