If there is a single product that I've reached out for the most this summer, it has got to be Caudalie's Grape Water facial mist spray. No lie, I am probably on my seventh bottle of this stuff. Made with 100% organic grapes, it is a super refreshing spritz toner that aims to moisturise as well as soothe sensitive skin. If my face ever feels itchy or red, I reach for this. If I've stepped out from a long flight or journey, I reach for this. If my skin is irritated from a product or from waxing/threading, I reach for this. You get the gist. I always like to carry this everywhere I go in my handbag because the cold sensation of the grapewater immediately cools down my hot and flustered skin or if my makeup just needs an instant 'wake me up' boost. 

It has not only become a staple hydrating toner in my skincare routine, but it works equally great as a primer or setting spray for my makeup. This definitely helps with getting rid of that chalky appearance that powders can often leave behind. After I'm done with applying my makeup, (highlighters, loose powders, you know it, the whole shebang), I lightly spritz this all over my face and I kid you not, my makeup comes to life as it looks so much more brighter and fresh looking. I guess what the spray does is that it dampens/melts the excess powder left on the face, sealing my makeup in place and leaving a slight dewy finish. 

I wouldn't say that this has drastically improved my skin in terms of helping with oil control or even out complexion like most toners tend to do, but I do think it is a handy 'pick me up' product which I can comfortably use throughout the day. The best part is that it is totally organic, free from parabens, alcohol and preservatives so it can only do more good than harm to my face. The short ingredient list is a delight too as it contains grape juice, potassium, mineral salts and moisturising polysaccharides. If you are looking for an introduction to facial sprays, Caudalie Grape Water would be a good place to start. Its a great second-step spritz toner and ideal if you want something that lightly moisturises and freshens tired skin. It is also a cheaper alternative to the more luxe Caudalie Beauty Exilr*Runs to the shops to buy the eight bottle*

What facial sprays have you been using in these hot summer months? 
Leave me some recommendations down below! 


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