September has been a whirlwind sort of month for me. Weddings, dinners, parties, appointments. For a person who complained about the lack of excitement in their life, this month completely threw me off guard with just how busy my days have started to become. Not complaining though as I've had a grand time in these past few weeks. Though my skin doesn't seem all that happy with my suddenly-eventful life.

Mask of Magnaminty is a forgotten fave. I used this a couple of months back to help with those annoying under-the-surface bumps and angry breakouts. Hence why I instantly thought of this a few days ago when my skin started rebelling again with building its own mountain of zits. All that makeup has surely taken a toll with clogging up my skin. I found this mask perfect for heavy duty cleansing as its great line of ingredients such as clay, fresh pepper mint, honey, kaolin and evening primrose seeds work exceptionally well in helping to to clear out and gently exfoliate all the impurities from my skin, along with soothing and evening out it's rough texture. Its a wonderful skin polisher I tell ya. 

My skin looks so much better after using this as it is significantly softer, smoother and more importantly, there is a remarkable difference in the number of new spots forming on my face. The old ones have either completed disappeared or are in the process of healing. I've hardly broken out like I did before since using this spot-busting pot of green goo. I must also mention how this is probably the best smelling mask I've ever tried. It feels like rubbing a packet of Extra chewing gum all over my face. Though this feels strangely pleasant and not as sticky as it would likely feel if you rubbed actual chewing gum all over yourself in reality, ugh. I highly rate Mask of Magnaminty and it has quickly climbed up in the list of my top fave masks from LUSH. If you have spot-prone/sensitive skin or on the look out for a weekly exfoliating mask to add to your skincare regimen, I thoroughly recommend checking this out.

What mask do you reach for when your skin is going through a major hissy fit?
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