Boho Rush is a very PR-friendly blog therefore I am more than happy to collaborate with brands and advertisers in terms of promotion, sponsored features and review posts. However, honesty is a strong policy for me, hence any item(s) that has been sent as PR sampling will be marked with an asterisk (*). This technique will keep readers fairly informed and aware of when they are reading about a 'gifted' product. 

This blog will always provide completely honest opinions regardless of whether I am writing about a sent-item from a company. My personal thoughts and preferences will never be compromised for the sake of pleasing or attracting brand agencies. If I am not happy with the product, I reserve the right to post a negative review about it- of course, I will always email you first with my thoughts. Lastly, I will only accept reviewing items if they seem fitting and relevant to my overall blog tone and content.

Please email me at if you would like to get in touch or ask any further questions. Kindly address me by my name so I can rule out spam accounts. 

Thank you.

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